NewsWhat Happened in the First Round of the NFL Draft

What Happened in the First Round of the NFL Draft

The first round of the NFL Draft took place last night. We record all the selections in a row and discuss the most important things.

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The Chiefs went up for a cornerback and picked a dee-end.

After losing Tyreek Hill, everyone expected the Chiefs to pick up a receiver, but Andy Reid had even less chance than the Packers (see below). Kansas City, however, has still stepped up quite nicely. Cornerback Trent McDuffie, behind whom the team moved up, is considered the most well-rounded of the draft’s corners while also possessing good speed. D-nd George Carlaftis will help the Chiefs’ pass rush and could be a real playmaker on defense.

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The Saints stepped up behind the receiver and took the linebacker offense.

The Saints entered the game with a lift up, too, and judging by draft guru Mel Kuiper’s review, they won it. New Orleans moved up five spots to select lightning-quick receiver Chris Olavey, and one of their best blockers, Trevor Penning, fell into their hands at the 19th position. Choosing a quarterback would speak to a rebuild or at least a reset, but it appears the Saints are ready to compete with everyone in their division as early as this fall. Terron Armstead’s replacement is there; Jameis Winston should be pleased.

Two cornerbacks picked in the top 5 at once

The top of the draft is packed with quarterbacks in a prolific year. In 2022, it was more expected to be dominated by linemen. All the more surprising was that two cornerbacks, Derek Stingley and Amad Gardner, left for the first four picks. Yes, Gardner was predicted to be a high pick, plus perhaps the Jets reacted somewhat nervously to having one elite cornerback taken a right in front of their noses. But here’s Stingley at number three, a risk is given his history of injuries in college. But Houston is willing to take that risk.

The Packers again didn’t give Rodgers a receiver. But they did get two players from the University of Georgia

20 years, one answer. “The Green Bay Packers once again went without a receiver in the first round of the draft, even though quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been dropping thick hints for years that it’s time. Especially now that alpha receiver Davante Adams has left the club. I wouldn’t blame the Packers, though – it’s just that this time the teams have taken a sharp turn for the receivers. In the top-18, exactly one-third of the draft picks were spent on receivers. “The Packers needed to either trade their two late picks and go higher or take some more accessible guy too soon. Wisconsin decided to do things differently and picked two quarterbacks from the University of Georgia.

But we all know it’s not about the receivers or the defense. “The Packers lost the conference finals because of special teams. So for them, the big day of the draft is day three. However, given that the Packers don’t need an inside linebacker, maybe Quay Walker was taken specifically to play special teams?

Carolina chose a linebacker over a quarterback.

Carolina was considered the first team objectively in the draft to select a quarterback — the Panthers had the sixth overall pick. On the eve of the ceremony, club owner David Tepper publicly stated that he thought Sam Darnold was a good quarterback. It is unclear whether he was thus signaling to the general manager or simply broadcasting a common point of view, but the fact is that Darnold has a realistic chance of remaining the team’s starting point guard. “Carolina didn’t waste a high pick on a quarterback and didn’t trade down, instead of selecting linebacker Ikem Ekwonu, who until a week ago had been called a real contender for the number one pick.

Ekwonu played for the University of North Carolina State so that he can haul his stuff in a cab rather than on a plane. And will be the starting left tackle on his team from day one.

The number one pick in the draft was Trayvon Walker. 

Until recently, everyone was sure it would be Hutchinson or the offensive lineman.

Georgia’s D-end won the race to become the first draft pick at the very “ribbon.” Not long ago, Aiden Hutchinson and Keyvon Thibodeau were jostling there. They say the Jaguars were attracted to Walker’s potential, saying his physical attributes give him more long-term efficiency than his competition. But his stats in his three years in college — 9.5 sacks, 13 tackles for a loss of yards, and one provoked fumble — are very modest. He has never been selected to the conference’s all-conference team. In no game did he dominate his opponents when playing one-on-one. Very strange.

Detroit got Hutchinson and went up for Jameson Williams.

So, Aiden Hutchinson got Detroit. The Lions had one first-round pick, but the most recent was the 32nd overall pick. Hardly anyone thought Detroit would be able to move up as many as 20 spots. What’s more, it would have the help of division rivals.

University of Alabama receiver Jameson Williams was considered one of the best (if not the best) receivers in the draft. Still, he tore his cruciate ligament in his final college season, which affected his pre-draft quotes. Three other receivers were selected before Williams, but he still didn’t go beyond the top-12. “Detroit gave Minnesota for the 12th, and 46th picks with order numbers 32, 34, and 66. Purely mathematically a very successful deal for Detroit, especially when you consider that you had to trade with your nemesis. The Vikings didn’t see anyone good in the first round since they were willing to skip it entirely. Now it’s up to Jameson Williams whether or not Minnesota will regret it twice a year.

New York made a massive purchase. “The Giants strengthened the line; the Jets took three at once.

The classic phrase “if we don’t win on the field, we win in the locker room” sounds slightly different in the NFL. Collectively, New York won the draft championship. First, the Giants took fifth overall pick Dee End Kayvon Thibodeau-who was considered a contender for the number one overall pick right after the college season-when they picked Evan Neal at the seventh position. Alabama’s linebacker offense is regarded as the most reliable and safest choice.

The Jets played even more incredible, with the Green Gang selecting Amad Sauce” Gardner and Garrett Wilson at No. 4 and No. 10. The University of Cincinnati cornerback and Ohio State receiver were seen by many as the best players at their positions. At the end of the first round, Jets management couldn’t stand watching D-end Jermaine Johnson (ESPN’s Todd McShay had him in the top 10) – the New Yorkers returned in the first round and snagged a third player there. Some celebrate a championship in February, and some celebrate a tournament in April!

Only one quarterback was selected in the entire first round. Kenny Pickett stayed in Pittsburgh.

One quarterback! This has only happened once in the last 20 years – in 2013, only EJ Manuel was selected in the first round. Malik Willis, whom so many experts put first on the quarterback list, has to wait for the second day of the ceremony. On the other hand, Kenny Pickett is happy – yes, the 20th pick isn’t very high, but he makes the Pittsburgh Steelers. First of all, it’s a spot-on hit for a University of Pittsburgh graduate. Second, it’s a club with a rich past and an honorable tradition. Third, he will have a chance to compete for a spot in the starting lineup as early as this summer — Mitchell Trubisky and Mason Rudolph are not strong competitors.

Right off the bat, two receivers named Brown were traded. Marquis to Arizona, A.J. to Philadelphia.

If you were told that some receiver was traded during the first round, your first thought would be Deebo Samuel. The San Francisco receiver, who doesn’t want to stay on the team, has been the hero of headlines and “what if…?” stories over the past week. In fact, two Browns have changed their clubhouse.

Baltimore traded Marquis Brown and a third-round pick to Arizona for the No. 23 overall pick in the draft. Judging by the fact that “Hollywood” himself was present at the Cardinals’ draft party for fans, this trade was talked about in advance (he was catching passes from Kyler Murray in college, by the way). Another thing is that no one informed Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who was bombarded on social media.

As a result, Baltimore traded again to Buffalo and selected center Tyler Linderbaum at the 25th position.

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But even before that, a second trade was announced – Tennessee gave up A.J. Brown to Philadelphia for the 18th pick and a third-round pick. Although, most recently, Titans coach Mike Vrabel said that “as long as he’s the coach,” Brown would not be available for trade. Were they waiting for news of a coaching reshuffle in Nashville? In all seriousness, Tennessee realized they couldn’t satisfy the financial appetites of the star receiver and decided to get compensation for him while it was still possible. Everyone was happy – Philadelphia got the coolest receiver, Brown immediately signed a new four-year, $100 million contract, and Tennessee replaced the veteran with rookie receiver Treylon Burks.

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