RankingsNFL Defense Rankings 2022

NFL Defense Rankings 2022

The season is coming to an end and the NFL playoffs are about to begin. Every team has fought hard to get there, but only a few will be able to move on. And there are many factors that decide which team will make it to the next round.

It’s the last month of the NFL season, and fans are starting to look forward to Super Bowl 56. But not many people realize that there is a whole other level of play called the NFL defensive rankings, which take into account factors like scoring defense, yards per play, and overall defense. In case you missed it during this season, here are the defensive rankings for all 32 teams in the NFL playoff race.

1Buffalo Bills17289463710144.630
2New England Patriots17303528410385.130
3Denver Broncos17322554410395.319
4New Orleans Saints17335541010645.125
5Tampa Bay Buccaneers17353563510935.229
6Tennessee Titans17354560710395.422
7Dallas Cowboys17358596710825.534
8Kansas City Chiefs17364627210605.929
9San Francisco 49ers17365527010325.120
10Indianapolis Colts17365583410505.633
11Arizona Cardinals17366559710285.427
12Seattle Seahawks17366644512015.418
13Green Bay Packers17371557910375.426
14Cleveland Browns17371529610565.019
15Los Angeles Rams17372586311185.225
16Miami Dolphins17373573810815.326
17Cincinnati Bengals17376596410755.521
18Philadelphia Eagles17385559010765.216
19Baltimore Ravens17392617810336.015
20Pittsburgh Steelers17398613911165.522
21Carolina Panthers17404520110285.116
22Chicago Bears17407538410095.316
23New York Giants17416603211375.322
24Minnesota Vikings17426652211525.724
25Washington Football Team17434610810655.719
26Las Vegas Raiders17439573211035.215
27Houston Texans17452653511015.925
28Jacksonville Jaguars17457600210685.69
29Atlanta Falcons17459619411145.620
30Los Angeles Chargers17459612211035.621
31Detroit Lions17467645610925.919
32New York Jets17504676011455.914

With the NFL playoffs in full swing, we’ve looked at the best defenses of each conference. Our rankings are based on data from our NFL defense analytics platform. Here’s how the top five fared against a month into the playoffs.

The Buffalo Bills are on a serious tear and look like Super Bowl favorites. They currently hold the No. 1 defensive ranking in the NFL. The Bills have the best defense in the NFL for its first time in 22 seasons. But what about their other stats? In inaugural regular-season MVP quarterback, Tom Brady’s the best offenses in their respective conferences.

The NFL is renowned for its highly competitive and high-scoring offenses. But these days, the league’s defenses are starting to become more important than ever. In fact, some experts believe that the emergence of defensive talent will soon make the difference between winning and losing in the playoffs. Here are our rankings of the best defenses in the NFL right now.

The NFL playoff rankings show that defenses are king this season. In fact, there are only three defensive units who have the stats to go all the way in the playoffs: Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Here’s a look at those teams and what it takes to create a top-ranked defense.

Fantasy NFL Defense Rankings for Week 18

1. Buffalo Bills vs. NYJ

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. CAR

3. Green Bay Packers @ DET

4. New England Patriots @ MIA

5. New Orleans Saints @ ATL

6. Indianapolis Colts @ JAX

7. Tennessee Titans @ HOU

8. Cincinnati Bengals @ CLE

9. Kansas City Chiefs @ DEN

10. Baltimore Ravens vs. PIT

11. Los Angeles Rams vs. SF

12. Dallas Cowboys @ PHI

13. Washington Football Team @ NYG

14. Arizona Cardinals vs. SEA

15. Cleveland Browns vs. CIN

16. Minnesota Vikings vs. CHI

17. Chicago Bears @ MIN

18. Los Angeles Chargers @ LV

19. Seattle Seahawks @ ARI

20. San Francisco 49ers @ LAR

21. Pittsburgh Steelers @ BAL

22. Las Vegas Raiders vs. LAC

23. Miami Dolphins vs. NE

24. Philadelphia Eagles vs. DAL

25. New York Giants vs. WAS

26. Denver Broncos vs. KC

27. Houston Texans vs. TEN

28. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. IND

29. Atlanta Falcons vs. NO

30. Carolina Panthers @ TB

31. Detroit Lions vs. GB

32. New York Jets @ BUF

The NFL regular season has been completed, and now the playoffs are upon us. The Super Bowl is here, and it is the game that decides who will be the best team in the entire league. This year’s matchup pits two of the best defenses against each other: New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles.

Blog Conclusion: While the NFL playoffs are underway, it’s time to look at some of the best defenses in the league. To do this, we’ve compared each team’s defensive stats against their opponents and then used that data to rank them accordingly. This year’s top five defenses have been ranked based on these results. These rankings will give you a good idea of which teams are most likely to advance to the next round.

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