Features2022 NFL Calendar: Important Dates for Offseason

2022 NFL Calendar: Important Dates for Offseason

APRIL 2022

April 4: Franchises that replaced their head coaches at the end of the season are entitled to begin a program to prepare their teams for the new season (first preseason training camp);

April 18: Franchises whose head coaches were not fired at the end of the season also have the right to start a program to prepare their teams for the new season;

April 22: Deadline for restricted free agents (RFAs) to sign a proposed contract from a current team;

April 27: Deadline for teams to offer restricted free agents (RFAs) contracts similar to what other teams in the league have offered them;

April 27: Deadline for testing and interviews with prospects entering the draft;

April 28-30: NFL draft to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada (April 28 for round 1, April 29 for rounds 2 and 3, April 30 for rounds 4-7);

MAY 2022

May 2: Deadline to decide on a fifth-year option for first-round picks from the 2019 draft (if approved, the player will be able to continue playing on his rookie contract into the 2023 season);

May 2: Deadline to send a “May 2 tender offer” to their unrestricted free agents (UFAs) who have not yet been signed by other teams. If such a player does not sign a tender/contract by July 22 or the first day of the first training camp (whichever comes later), he is only allowed to sign with his former team going forward (until the Tuesday following week 10 of the regular season);

May 6-9 or May 13-16: two periods, one of which the team chooses to hold a three-day mini-camp with rookies from the draft;

May 16: rookie soccer development program begins – they can be involved in all processes to prepare for the season;

May 19-22: Rookie introductions from NFL players union – first and second-round picks invited for photo shoots, work with sponsors and interviews, can not participate in any team activities during this period (provided franchise let them go – this is not a mandatory NFL event and can be waived)

May 23-25: Second meeting of NFL franchise owners to discuss and approve rule changes;

JUNE 2022

June 1: If a player is waived, sent to waver, or traded on that day or any of the following, all of his bonuses, including those paid upon signing, are fully transferred and accounted for in the next season’s payroll;

June 1: The deadline to send what is known as the June 1 tender offer to their restricted free agents (RFAs) who other teams have not yet signed;

June 15: Deadline for a team to withdraw a tender offer made to a restricted free agent (RFA) but still retain exclusive negotiating rights to the player. They are making him a “June 15 tender offer” offering a contract equal to 110% of his last year’s salary (assuming all other contract terms remain unchanged).

JULY 2022

July 15: Deadline for signing or renewing contracts with players who have been franchise tagged. After that day, only a one-year contract can be signed with a player for the 2019 season, which cannot be renewed or amended until the end of the regular season. The player can also skip the season and become an unrestricted free agent in 2022;

July 22: Deadline for signing players who have been subject to the Transition Tag. If a player does not sign, he has until Tuesday following week 10 of the regular season to sign with his former team or skip the season and become an unrestricted free agent in 2022.


August 4: Hall of Fame game at Tom Benson Hall of Famer Stadium, Canton, Ohio;

August 5-9: NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony (Hull of Fame Weekend);

August 11: Deadline for players on contract to show up at team locations to be credited with a season counting on the free-agent market;

August 11: If a drafted rookie has not signed a contract by that date, he cannot be traded to another team until after the upcoming season and is only eligible to sign with his current team until the last day before the 2022 draft.


September 4: Deadline for the 53 players on the active roster to be finalized for the season;

September 5: Day to apply for players sent to waver after the final roster reduction;

September 5: After centralized notification by the league that all players’ contracts have been terminated through the waiver system and they have not been placed on any roster, teams have the right to recruit ten players for the practice squad by signing them accordingly;

September 8: The day the “top-51 contract” rule ends; all teams must meet this season’s allotted salary cap;

September 8: First game of the 2022 regular season.

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